Monday, October 17

Custard Pudding with Fruit Cocktail

How to make an easy and simple custard pudding for tea time?

Stuffs that you need to make custard pudding are mainly :

A packet of Custard Powder
Fresh Milk
Ideal milk
Canned fruit cocktail

We will make the custard pudding into these containers. Got this from Tupperware. Cute and colorful rite??

First, mix the custard powder and freah milk together.

Next, add in ideal milk.

Then, pour it in a pot with medium fire. Add in about 3-4 cups of water in it while stirring.

Put in sugar about 4-5 tablespoon. And stir it.

Keep stirring it. Add a spoon full of Butter. This is to make the texture of the puding shining nicely.

2nd part, prepare your colurful tupperware.

Once the custard pudding ready, make sure that the pudding by testing it on a plate to ensure the mixture surface is not sticky.

Now, put the mixture into the cups. Quickly before it gets cold and sticky.

Third part, u need to prepare the sauce. Using Ideal milk, let it stir in a pot for a while. Add in sugar a bit as much as u like.

Let ur pudding cool itself about 30 mins and put it in a fridge until you are ready to serve it.

For serving, take it out from the cup, and put it on a nice serving plate.

Pour fruit cocktail surrounding the pudding.

Pour the sauce that u made earlier on top of the pudding and the fruits.

It's ready to be served! Yummy!


rabbit said...

fazz,so cute...mana nak beli tupperware tu?berminat ni...n the pudding looks soooooooo yummy...

FaZzyLoGiCa said...

beli kat tupperware~ nk k? nnt kalo ade offer, aku bgtau ko k...